"Shannon O’Connor was the teacher for both of my children during their time at MacDonald Montessori.  She was the lead teacher in the “Tree Top Room” which was the “older preschool” class that the children were in the year before they began kindergarten. 

During Shannon’s time as my children’s teacher, she was skilled, creative, hardworking, compassionate, loving, and innovative and provided a foundation of learning and interaction that will last a lifetime.  She met the kids at the level of learning they were at and encouraged and challenged them without them even realizing how much they were learning." 

- Tricia A.

- Parent of 2 Former Students

"Our family has had the pleasure of having Shannon O’Connor in our lives for many years.  She was the teacher for both of our girls at a local Montessori daycare.  During our interactions with Shannon, she was nothing but positive and inspirational to the children (and the parents).  The children always looked forward to the day with her.

Shannon was in charge of the “Treetop” room, which was the pre-K classroom.  She managed to follow the children’s lead based on a classic Montessori teaching style and help them to be ready for Kindergarten.  I can say with certainty that our children were better prepared for Kindergarten than many of the children in their classes.  Based on her ability to guide their learning, both girls were reading, adding, and writing at levels at the top of their classes."

- Alicia C.

- Parent of 2 Former Students


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"I started working with Shannon at MacDonald Montessori in February 1990.  I left the school to be an independent consultant in 2011.  So, I have had many years association with her.  We worked very closely together as colleagues both in the classroom and in administration during that time.  After working directly in classrooms with children, we took on added responsibility in the roles of educational coordinators for many years.  Shannon, I and a third colleague each met with teams of teachers every week on curriculum, materials, environment, assessment and relationships with parents as well as within the classroom.  We, then, collaborated together to share knowledge and strategize on ways to improve communication and professional development for the teachers on our teams.

Shannon is one of the most passionate, diligent and responsible people I have known professionally.  She is on a continual journey of growth and improvement.  Totally dedicated to providing the best possible environment for the children at the school, she is always analyzing and trying to learn better ways of doing things.  Children and families are one of her highest priorities and she has always nurtured good relationships with the families of children in her care.  She enjoys her work and working with her is a delight."

- Sandra B.

- Former Colleague and

Current Early Childhood Education Consultant, Independent